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Billy Corgan Fires Back At TNA For Not Paying Him

As we previously reported, TNA and Anthem Sports have entered into a credit relationship, revealing that Billy Corgan is no longer with the company.

Corgan fired shots at TNA on Twitter earlier today, stating that he is STILL waiting to be paid and is exploring further legal options:

  • Armitage Soulshroude

    I also worry about the announcers at times, as well.

  • MabZ

    Hopes*, billy*. Stupid droid.

  • MabZ

    Pretty much, bro. Co-sign that. Billy was sold a bill of goods by an “owner” who ran the business into the ground and she took his money, point blank. And i had high hope that billg would resurrect TNA because I’ve been a fan for a long time. Like you said, she never had any i tentions of selling the business to him.

  • CC

    From his point of view he was obviously looking to take over what was a struggling promotion, and set in place a deal that would allow him to do that gradually. Sadly TNA just used him as a short stop solution to fund a few shows, and had no intention of actually handing over any control to him.
    He had the best intentions, and TNA lied through their teeth.

  • D2K

    It was a combination of both, but lack of experience is where his downfall is anchored. He should have talked with people that have had prior business with her EXTENSIVELY before getting involved. Not to mention people that either do or have run successful federations. Inexperience and probably pride got in the way of his higher reasoning.

  • Khosrow

    Yeah I really felt that Billy was the best hope for TNA. This news and Dixie sticking around is just disappointing for wrestling fans who wanted to see TNA succeed. I hope one day he does get to buy it and gets to run it on a national scale again.

  • M

    He leaped at an opportunity for a “dream” job of his. Dixie either manipulated him or he didn’t care and jumped in anyway.

  • M

    I agree. The options are limited for the majority of them. It’s a sad place to go to knowing their next paycheck and opportunity isn’t guaranteed.

  • Killswitch

    The ones who are screwed over the most here are the wrestlers. Ultimately this means if this stuff keeps up, lots of guys will be without a job, until WWE/ROH/NJPW acquire them. Sure, guys like Lashley, James Storm, EC3, and the Hardys are established names and will be sought after. It’s the newer guys I’m worried about. Cody Rhodes will be fine, he’s not exclusive to one entity, and can go basically anywhere. Aron Rex/Damien Sandow will be okay too, I’d imagine.

  • D2K

    I agree, but he should have been more shrewd as a business-man. Why he even got in business with her in the first place is beyond me.

    It’s still not sweet for TNA. They still have a lot of pending lawsuits prevailing.

  • M

    That couldn’t have ended worse for him. Feel somewhat sorry for they guy, you know he actually cares about wrestling and the overall product but got screwed over big time dealing with the wrong person. If anything this should have people stop watching TNA knowing how big of a snake Dixie really is however we’re in the day and age where nobody cares about anything and only does what they feel like doing.