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Billy Graham calls Vince McMahon the most evil human on earth

  • CC

    Two things. It’s Billy Graham, so whatever he says is worthless. The guy is so bitter and twisted, he would hate a rainbow for being not colourful enough.

    As for Vince/WWE banning stars from going on her show because she did some work for AEW, what does she expect? Why would someone let their people go on a show that is potentially connected to their opposition?
    Yes she can’t just wait around for them to call, but if she had worked with any other promotion I doubt there would be an issue, but if you go do something with the one company WWE does not want you to work for, then sorry, you only have yourself to blame.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Eddie and Vickie were separated and he got someone else pregnant. He admitted it and they moved forward.

    Vince was legally obligated to pay Vickie what was owed to Eddie and he still is obligated to do so. The less often they mention Eddie, the less they’ll have to pay her. Despite all of that, she wanted to earn money by going to work instead of just being given a check every few months because her husband died. And she is not hated by the real Guerreros. Her children are real Guerreros, as well as Chavo Jr who has no issue with her and has defended her whenever he is interviewed.

  • Jon David Bad

    Useless old fool rants and raves on FB. Just another day on FB.

    Boomerbook is for old people and children.

    Eddie didn’t give his life to Vince, he dies because of his history of drug abuse and alcohol.

    He also repeatedly cheated on Vickie (who could blame him)

    Vince gave Vickie a job making millions when he didn’t have to. Period. Shes an ingrate that is HATED by all the real Guerreros

  • Keith Learmonth

    Vince is no saint, but Billy Graham has no place calling anyone else evil.