Billy Gunn On How To Book John Cena, Discusses His Past Regrets, Regimen

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“The Gunn Show” is back with the aftermath from Billy Gunn’s popular shoot series. Check out some bonus footage from the shoot where Billy discusses how to book John Cena, his workout regimen, what he would change in his career if he could, and more. Plus, Billy plays a fun game called “Would You Rather…” that forces Gunn to pick only one of two pretty difficult options. If you missed the three-part shoot interview, be sure to check out the archives on YouTube ( “The Gunn Show” is brought to you by Vegas Fuel energy drink, available nationwide at Rite Aid. You can follow Billy Gunn on Twitter @RealBillyGunn.

How to book John Cena: “Whether you like him or you don’t like him, he’s the guy. So, whenever you’re trying to make other guys that don’t have the know-how or the knowledge to make their own selves, other than a Rock and of course Brock Lesnar…how do we use John Cena…who do we put him with to make? John Cena, hello. You book John Cena around trying to make other guys.”

Whether or not he would change anything from the past: “There’s a long list of things I’d want to change. You know, I’ve struggled with things, but now I’m on a path. The past 16 months of my life have been tremendous. I was…I still am an addict, but I’ve got it under know, with God’s help and the people I have around me to stay that way. I just wish I would have learned that a long time ago. You know, I almost lost everything in my life for something that’s so ridiculous..something I thought everybody has to do to be cool, which it wasn’t at was killing me slowly. I was just too stupid to realize it.”

Hear Billy Gunn talk even more in-depth about his troubled past and moving forward. Want to know Gunn’s workout routine? It’s in here. It’s a great close to an incredible shoot interview, so check it out and be sure to follow “The Gunn Show” on Twitter @GunnShowTV. To book Billy Gunn, email [email protected].

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