Eric Bischoff Takes Aim At Former WCW Stars, Says Raw Guest Hosts Are A ‘Weak Stunt’, More

On his newly launched Facebook fan page, Eric Bischoff commented on the chances of certain former WCW talent joining TNA Wrestling.



When asked if TNA could hire Vampiro, Bischoff wrote, “No talent gimmick come lately.”

Another reader noted that Bischoff previously said there was no chance of Diamond Dallas Page showing up in TNA. However, the reader wanted to know whether there was a possibility of Kimberly Page surfacing in Orlando.

“Double no,” Bischoff wrote.

When asked about former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Juventud Guerrera, Bischoff called him “a world class screw up.” A reader then said that the same could be said about Scott Hall. Bischoff responded, “Good point, but Scott Hall has the potential to be one of the greatest minds in the business and still has a gift in the ring. Juventud….I’d rather take an ice pick to my thigh.”

Responding to a query of Goldberg joining TNA, Bischoff said, “I spoke briefly to Bill a week ago, and while the subject of TNA did not come up, I sincerely doubt that Bill has any interest in getting back into the wrestling business.”

Finally, Bischoff called WWE’s guest host initiative a “weak stunt.”

See second, clearer video of Undertaker catching on fire ->

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