BJ Penn Accused of Fighting Dirty at UFC 101, Another UFC Fighter Released

– According to, MMA agent Ken Pavia has confirmed that the UFC has released Jake O’Brien. O’Brien has an 11-3 record, but went 4-3 in the UFC, including a loss to Jon Jones at UFC 100.



– Keith Florian, brother of Kenny Florian, spoke with and alleges that BJ Penn was fighting dirty at his UFC 101 fight with Kenny. Here’s what he had to say:

“There are a lot of things that happened during the [UFC 101] fight that you may or you may not have seen. Kenny got poked in the eye, which BJ is notorious for. He did it against Matt Hughes twice in one fight and once in their first fight. He did it against Georges St. Pierre in both fights. He was hitting behind the head all of the time. Kenny won’t say this, but I certainly will.”

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