Black Panther Star Accused Of Assaulting Woman

Recently, a shocking accusation of sexual assault has emerged against Tenoch Huerta, best known for his role as Namor in the upcoming film “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.” Renowned saxophonist Maria Elena Rios took to Twitter to share her allegations, shedding light on an alleged incident involving Huerta. This accusation comes as a significant blow to Huerta’s growing career, following similar allegations earlier this year against fellow Marvel actor Jonathan Majors.



Huerta, who gained recognition for his outstanding work in “Narcos: Mexico,” made an impressive debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, these serious allegations have the potential to damage his reputation and create significant obstacles for his future endeavors within one of the most successful film studios in the industry.

Rios expressed her discontent with Poder Prieto, a company she claims did not compensate her and published unauthorized content. In her series of tweets, Rios accused Huerta of sexual assault and criticized the company for defending him despite the grave allegations. Poder Prieto responded to Rios, stating that they could not pay her for content that was not their production and denied publishing any material about her. However, Rios remained resolute, asserting that the company had protected Huerta, whom she referred to as a sexual predator.

Rios also mentioned her involvement in a podcast called “El Feisbuk de la Malinche,” where she claimed she did not receive payment. Additionally, she alleged that she had worked on other projects with Poder Prieto without being compensated for her contributions. Rios further criticized the company for approaching her at a concert to avoid scandals related to their collaboration with Marvel Latin America.

As these serious allegations against Tenoch Huerta come to light, the impact on his career and future projects within the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains uncertain. This situation emphasizes the importance of addressing and thoroughly investigating such claims to ensure a safe and respectful working environment within the entertainment industry. It is crucial for the industry to support survivors, conduct thorough investigations, and take appropriate action based on the outcomes to maintain integrity and trust among its audience.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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