Bloodline Member Added To WrestleMania Title Match?

Sheamus has been relentless in his pursuit of the Intercontinental Championship, striving to attain the coveted title of a Grand Slam Champion in WWE. Despite his numerous attempts, the IC Title has remained just out of reach for him. However, with another opportunity on the horizon, it seems that Sheamus is closer than ever to fulfilling his goal and adorning his wall with yet another championship belt.



According to a report from Wrestle Votes, WWE has plans to feature the Intercontinental Title in a three-way match situation. Right now, the working plan is Gunther vs Drew McIntyre vs Sheamus.

I’m told while not decided 100%, there are plans to feature an Intercontinental Championship 3 way match at WrestleMania: Gunther v Sheamus v Drew McIntyre. There are a number of supporters within creative that not only want the match, but they want it towards the top. TBD.

Xero News reports about another possible triple threat title match, “There is some talks which changes weekly about inserting Sami into the World title picture at Mania due to his how Popular he has become this maybe in the form of a Triple Threat on Night 2 or Roman working both nights.

At the moment it is Cody vs Roman for both titles Night 2 but a lot at WWE want Sami to get a rematch at Mania.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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