Bobby Lashley ‘Canceled’ Major Raw Retirement?

WWE star Bobby Lashley reportedly was the reason behind MVP’s postponement of retirement plans.



How Bobby Lashley helped MVP?

During Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast, MVP revealed that after last year’s WrestleMania he had considered hanging up the boots but he decided to work in the role of  WWE producer.

However that did not go well as WWE decided to cut down the house show producers amid the pandemic. Then with the inception of the Hurt Business alongside Lashley he was able to continue with the in ring action.

During the podcast he spoke about his “intention” of retiring but the company wanted him to stay put. He had already accomplished a lot, but he’s very glad his career didn’t end so soon. Stephanie McMahon ‘Needs To Fire’ Raw Star?

He said:

“I had every intention of retiring. While I’ve had the honor and the pleasure of being in a few WrestleManias, I never thought I’d be in a WrestleMania again. I just thought okay that was cool, I never thought at any point thought that I would ever be in another WrestleMania let alone walking out as a representative of the WWE Champion. To be back in the role of talent at a WrestleMania in itself is exhilarating, to be at this WrestleMania, the first one with a crowd in over a year because of the pandemic and then to walk out with one of my best friends and business partners, from a year ago to now this journey we’ve made together, it was emotional on that level.”

He spoke about his experience when the crowd came back in attendance at WrestleMania 37.

MVP said:

“That energy was unreal, that passion it’s almost tangible, it’s unbelievable. To go from being at the Performance Centre, essentially working in an empty warehouse, to go from that to the ThunderDome to actually being in front of a crowd at WrestleMania, is almost indescribable.”

Currently he is dealing with knee issues that has kept him out of in-ring action but he is working as the representative of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley.

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