Bobby Lashley ‘Losing Title’ To Big WWE Name

Vince McMahon is a man of a lot of plans and a lot of action. The entire product that is the WWE as we know it is plotted out by Vince McMahon every step of the way and has been like that for many years now. Of course, whether we agree with Vince is not-here-nor-there as the man is the definition of wealthy. Vince looks to be back to slamming his fist. Edge Being ‘Furious’ With A WWE Title Match Winner Has Leaked.



Recently, on the newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show,’ Billi Bhatti sat down with this weeks co-host, Jeff Lane as Jeff is filling in for Vince Russo. The two talked about a vast landscape of all things pro-wrestling. We’ll be focusing on Billi alluding to Vince ‘burying’ Lashley in this article.

Billi Bhatti starts off: “I said the ‘Mania card was supposed to be Roman and Bryan and Sheamus and Drew McIntyre. Both of those matches happened at Fast Lane. For the Drew McIntyre thing, it was supposed to be Sheamus turning heel at Elimination Chamber-Miz cashing in. Then Miz losing to Sheamus and then Sheamus losing the belt for Drew.

Bhatti continues: “The exact same storyline with one guy being taken out and another guy being put in. Essentially, all of the same stuff is happening.” Drew McIntyre is rumored to ‘end the career’ of a top WWE star.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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