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Bobby Lashley might leave WWE for return to MMA

  • Glen Värîs

    Good luck Bobby, can i carry your bags to the shuttle bus?

  • Darrin Tyler

    good, tired of seeing him every week. he’s a terrible wrestler. i havent seen him in MMA so he could be really good over there. After Summerslam??? thats a loooong time from now. things change fast in both mma and wwe….

  • Soulshroude

    MIGHT? Why the sudden speculation? If he does, it’s too soon because the scripts written a year in advance, so he’s well aware of what he’ll be doing and receiving throughout his contract.

  • CC

    I doubt that will happen as he is not even a fraction of the the draw that Lesnar is/was.
    I mean, love or hate Lesnar, when he returned there was huge hype and if he returns to UFC, there will be huge hype.
    Lashley returning to WWE was little more than a small ripple of excitement and going back to MMA .. well he was hardly a huge name there was he.

  • CC

    I do not think many people will miss him. Of course a lot of that is how WWE has booked him, but at the same time he has hardly done anything himself that makes people say “Wow, I really wanna see Bobby Lashley”.
    His promo’s are awful (hence adding Rush) and his in ring work is nothing more than solid.

    PS: Harrison, if time is running “UP” surely that means time is getting longer, not shorter.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Look, as long as he doesn’t become another Lesnar, where he gets paid more than everyone despite his priorities lying elsewhere, Lashley can do what he wants.

  • Matt evens

    Good hope he goes !! He is boring and bland with a touch of stale mixed in. He never connected with the fans or drew a dime in this business.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Well to be honest he not really that good. So I don’t WWE would mind if he left again.