Bobby Lashley Painful Surgery News Revealed

On the WWE Elimination Chamber Post-Show on The Ringer’s Wrestling feed, former WWE writer Kazeem Famuyide said that he has it under “good authority that Bobby Lashley is shoot hurt.” He said Lashley was injured prior, and the spot in the match was a work. He’s heard that he needs shoulder surgery, and could probably miss WrestleMania 38.



John Cena is a pro-wrestling veteran who transitioned his career into acting. Bill Maher, who is one of the most recognizable political commentators in the United States made some controversial remarks. The “Real Time” host has been often noted tangled in heated conversations. Maher recently targeted the matter of the Chinese Communist Party. In his latest “New Rule” segment, Bill heavily bashed several celebrities for allegedly acting in an excessively subservient manner to the communist government.

Bill Maher lambasted John Cena and others

Maher slammed a list of several major names who have stayed silent about Chinese human rights abuses or downplayed them. NBA superstar LeBron James was one of those stars. Peacemaker star and former WWE superstar John Cena was also included in the critical segment.

Maher noted that Cena once referred to Taiwan as a separate country from China. Cena later had to apologize to keep his lucrative movie career rolling there. Maher blasted Cena’s statement, noting that it was all in the name of profit.

Bill played the video of Cena apologizing for his comments in Chinese. At the time, Cena was heavily criticized for his apology. The comedian noted that 34% of global box office revenues come from China. Maher believes Cena has been a hypocrite.

The Chinese government has been accused of human rights violations of all kinds, including alleged genocide. The Chinese Communist Part has consistently been tied to human rights abuses everywhere. Bill Maher is sick of celebrities bending over backward to defend the government in the name of huge money. The celebs are yet to react to the highly critical comments.

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