Bobby Lashley Raw Storyline ‘Angers’ USA Network

Ratings matter. Actually, ratings matter more than ever with WWE seemingly having every brand in the world that isn’t WWE looking to put their heads on stakes. USA Network is currently furious with what WWE made Bobby Lashley do on TV recently. This could cause huge issues with WWE and USA Network. Bobby Lashley Reacts To Major WrestleMania ‘Loss’.



As we saw, Bobby Lashley broke up The Hurt Business which shocked many of us. While it took the time to sink in with all of us, the USA Network powers that be were pounding their fists and heads against any hard object nearest to them.

We get this news about the anger by the USA executives from everyone’s favorite, Vince Russo. On Vince Russo’s podcast on Vince stated that USA Network was very “upset” by WWE breaking up Bobby Lashley’s Hurt Business on Raw.

Russo has implied that he does consulting work for USA Network, so he has connections there which would lead to him knowing about the network and executives being not that happy with WWE’s decision to pull the plug on The Hurt Business.

Could WWE do a complete turn around and bring The Hurt Business back? It’s possible. Stables have broken up and come back before. This will purely be for pleasing USA Network, however.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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