Bobby Lashley Reacts To Major WrestleMania ‘Loss’

Bobby Lashley has responded to he and Drew McIntyre losing out on the WrestleMania main event to Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair. He tweeted, “If you aren’t main eventing, open the show. Can’t wait to hear the @WWEUniverse live cheering and in person………and then hear absolute silence when I take down your ‘warrior’. 24 hours… #AlmightyEra #WrestleMania.”



While Roman Reigns aspires to be ‘Head of the Table’ in WWE for quite some time and will get to main event on Sunday at WrestleMania, he did mention that he would quit WWE under one circumstance, stating that he would leave WWE multiple times over if he couldn’t work with associates Paul Heyman and Jey Uso. He would would then explain the chemistry that he has with the two. Roman would make the following comments in conversation with Yahoo Sports. Did Roman Reigns ‘spoil’ The Rock’s potential return at WrestleMania?

“I’d retire twice before I’d go back and not be able to work with Paul or Jey,” Reigns said. “With Paul, it’s almost an everyday creative venture that we are on of how to continue to service our audience. How do we make it better? How do we make it more detailed? How do we make it all make sense? How do we connect to it better? How do we display something that has never been done before? How do we continue to build and grow the business? There are so many hows, and whys and what ifs that we dive into on a weekly basis.

“With Jey, it’s so much more instinctual, natural and blood built. The reason why our story, dynamic and interaction work so well is because it is a 35-year relationship that we are displaying. For that experience alone, I will never take that for granted.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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