Bobby Lashley ‘Real Fight’ With AEW Star Leaks

Bobby Lashley had trained in Ohio Valley Wrestling(OVW), WWE’s former developmental territory. Many future stars including former world champions like Brock Lesnar, John Cena, and Randy Orton were part of OVW.



Kenny Bolin recalls Bobby Lashley vs Mark Henry in OVW

Recently, “The Starmaker” Kenny Bolin, who was a manager in OVW made an appearance on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Money in the Bank preview video and revealed that current WWE Champion Lashley had a wrestling match with WWE Hall of Famer and AEW analyst Mark Henry back in the developmental territory. John Cena Match With Attitude Era Star Leaks?

He recalled:

“When I had [Bobby Lashley in OVW], the promo skills were not quite there,” Bolin said. “That was probably a good reason for why he was with me. The look has always been there. He has not aged a day since I had him in the mid 2000s. You look at him today, he probably even looks better today than he did then, and he was probably the best looking athlete then. Not a lot of people know this but Bobby Lashley and Mark Henry had a bit of a shoot wrestling match once in Ohio Valley Wrestling and Bobby fared pretty well. They were both my boys so I don’t wanna get any real heat going but Bobby fared very well, we’ll just say that. Bobby’s a tough individual.”

Lashley and Henry had clashed in a televised singles match back at 2006 King of the Ring tournament with The All Mighty getting a count out win.

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