Bobby Lashley reveals strange gimmick WWE almost gave him

Bobby Lashley has found himself in one of the most controversial and polarizing WWE storylines in years. The Dominator’s affair with Lana, leading to the Ravishing Russian’s divorce from Rusev, finally married Lana on Monday Night RAW tonight.



Lashley has been in some pretty strange angles since returning to the WWE a few years ago. However, his time in OVW, WWE’s old developmental territory, back in the early 2000s was where he was nearly saddled with one of the worst gimmicks ever imagined.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Bobby Lashley revealed that in 2004, he was nearly stuck with a Mr. T type character.

I didn’t know this at the time, but Paul saw me-this big, jacked up dude-and didn’t know me. And none of the other writers knew who I was. They were just writing on what they thought they knew of me-that I should be like Mr. T and run around like, ‘I pity the fool!’

That’s why Paul wanted to sit down and talk. He knew he needed to write for this guy, but he didn’t know who I was, and he wasn’t going to just guess. So we sat and talked forever, and he said, ‘I get this guy.’ And he got me over in a short amount of time.

Regarding his current storyline, Lashley said that they’re all working to help break him out of his comfort zone. Looking back on what could have been, maybe this whole love triangle story isn’t so bad.

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