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Bobby Lashley turns heel on Monday Night RAW

The Dominator is finally unhinged. Bobby Lashley had a major change in his character as seen on this week’s edition of Monday Night RAW.

Bobby Lashley partook in a singles match against Kevin Owens on this week’s RAW. During the match, the Dominator sowed several seeds for a heel turn and after the match, he confirmed everyone’s suspicions.

After the match, Lashley took advantage of Owens who had his leg stuck on a ring pole. Lashley ruthlessly obliterated Owens’ leg and then continued to attack him until KO was absolutely KO’d.

Lashley and Rush then cut a heelish promo backstage, confirming the change in his character.



  • CC

    I never watched him in TNA, but from what I heard, he was a fantastic heel over there, so hopefully he will shine now. He is such a vanilla baby face.

  • BiggEZ

    Cool. They did absolutely nothing with him as a face. Here’s hoping he’ll make a hell of a heel.

  • CC

    That was the point. All part of Lashley’s heel turn.

  • ROB-1.

    I wish someone would have taken that mike from that toad. Even the fans were booing him.