Bobby Roode Talks About Being Held Back, Team Canada, and More

Bobby Roode appeared on The LAW this past Sunday night to promote this Sunday’s TNA Destination X pay-per-view. Here are some highlights.



On his first singles run after Team Canada broke up:

In hindsight, I honestly thought that when I broke off from Team Canada, I was gonna get that push. I was starting to be elevated slowly; I obviously had that match with Jeff Jarrett, I had a run with Booker T, and I was right on the brink. That extra push, I think, would have put me through the top, and I think for whatever reason it didn’t happen. Now, when I got the opportunity to step away from Beer Money, I kinda remembered that, and I wanted to really make the best of the opportunity that I had as a singles competitor, and really stand out. Whether I had two minutes on TV or twenty minutes on TV, I wanted to be remembered. I wanted that segment to be remembered; I wanted to be the best thing on the television show; I wanted to entertain people, and really show what I had to prove. I think I’ve done that, and obviously being a world champion has shown that I’m able to be a top guy outside of a tag team. It’s been a learning experience, the whole thing has been a learning experience, and I continue to learn even now. It’s been different, definitely a different run than the first time.

The events during the day of ‘Bound for Glory’ last year:

It was interesting to say the least, but the only thing I can say is that obviously things happen for a reason. Looking back, if I had defeated Kurt Angle that night and went on as a world champion as the babyface, who knows how long I would have lasted? I think just the character change, and turning into the “It Factor” and the “Leader of the Selfish Generation” gave me that little bit extra, and obviously has done well for me. It’s not only helped elevate myself, but it’s elevated other people. It’s elevated James Storm as well. Like I said, everything happens for a reason. People were obviously disappointed. I was really disappointed, but a short time after that, it was November the 3rd, I ended up winning the world title.

Hulk Hogan’s assessment of Roode at the time:

Like I said, things happen for a reason, and things are said for a reason. It’s professional wrestling, and everybody’s entitled to their own opinion. I just took it as an eye-opener, and it did put a chip on my shoulder. When I went out there that night and I lost to Kurt, that pissed me off. Hulk’s comments, and losing that night on such a big night, after such a big build-up, getting the opportunity again on television to go out there and possibly be a world champion changed my focus and changed my attitude.

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