Booker T Leaks ‘Racial Controversy’ At WrestleMania

Booker T joins the majority of the WWE Universe who believe Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks created history during night one of WWE WrestleMania 37 as the first two women of color to main event ‘The Show of Shows’. However, fellow WWE Hall of Famer stated that Belair and Banks’ outing was simply a matter of ‘history’ where as Booker T called it ‘black history’. Booker T. On an edition of his Hall of Fame podcast, the five-time WCW champion discussed his disagreement with Bradshaw on this issue. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below quote. Booker T recently ‘botched’ this promo at WrestleMania.



“And JBL said that-that wasn’t Black history, it was just history and I didn’t — it wasn’t the right time. It was Black history as far as I’m concerned because the last time two African-Americans stood in the ring in the main event in that company was 20 years ago and it was me and The Rock at SummerSlam. So it was 20 years ago, two African-Americans stood across the ring from each other and combated with each other so it was Black history and I’ll correct JBL on that at another time.” (H/T Post Wrestling)

In other news revolving Booker T, while fans were visibly shocked that ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt lost to ‘The Viper Randy Orton in the opening contest during night two of WWE WrestleMania 37, Booker proclaimed why this loss does little to hurt the character of ‘The Fiend’ in the long run. Booker T would make the following comments during his podcast. Credit to WrestleZone for the following transcription.

“I said it many, many time and I don’t know if anybody’s hearing me or not — The Fiend’s career is not about wins and losses. I don’t think it should be about wins and losses because I mean, we saw what happened. The Fiend got beat, lights go out, everybody disappeared, so did The Fiend really get beat? Could The Fiend have kicked out? Is The Fiend taking Randy Orton on a ride? What’s going to happen next? ‘To be continued!’ That’s the way I look at it.”

Booker T reacted to CM Punk disrespecting him not too long ago. Booker continued, saying it’s more about who The Fiend is as it pertains to Bray Wyatt and even Alexa Bliss rather than the supernatural star accruing wins under his belt.

“I think The Fiend is more character-based than anything, man. I think The Fiend is just to make the story something different as far as The Fiend goes, as far as Bray Wyatt goes, as far as the mixing of those characters. ‘One day I’m happy, one day I’m mad,’ you know? You got Alexa Bliss as well playing this role. Something totally different than she’s done before.

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