Booker T on CM Punk’s WWE backstage appearance

The wrestling world is still buzzing about CM Punk’s surprise appearance at WWE Backstage last week and people are giving their thoughts on Punk’s return to WWE.



Booker T recently joined the list of stars sharing their thoughts on the matter when he discussed the Straight Edge Star’s appearance during the latest episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast.

The Hall Of Famer referred to Punk’s return as a cool moment and explained how the fans want to see the former World Champion doing his thing:

“It was cool, man, it was cool. The fans want to see CM Punk, man. The fans want to see CM Punk doing his thing; the fans want to see him back in the business. He’s been away from the business for six long years. And to see him back in that format, is one thing.”

Though he went on to explain how the people want to see the former Champion lace his boots back up and that’s the end goal for the fans.

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