Booker T on legends not addressing at The Undertaker’s Farewell

Booker T, the former WWE star during his Hall of Fame podcast discussed The Undertaker Final Farewell segment at WWE Survivor Series.



Many legends and stars from the past and present had made their presence felt during the segment. But, surprisingly none were givent the opportunity to speak about The Undertaker and it was cut to a video package.

Many fans have been vocal about the legends not giving a microphone to address the segment.

Booker T explains the situation

Booker explained that anything  apart from Undertaker’s farewell speech may have taken away the spotlight from him and the stars present at the segment could talk for a long time.

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He said:

“I look at it a little bit different, man. We were just there to be there for that moment for the Undertaker.That moment wasn’t for us, it was for the Undertaker; it was for him. I think that anything that we would have said could have overshadowed what he said, because we know the Undertaker – he’s not going to talk a whole lot. And one thing you don’t want to do is give a bunch of old wrestlers a microphone. We would have been out there all night.”

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