Booker T on who has the best promo in wrestling

Having great in-ring skills is not the only requirement for becoming a successful wrestler and the ability to cut good promos is also as important.



During the latest episode of the Hall Of Fame podcast, wrestling legend Booker T talked about a number of things and also revealed who according to him has the best promo in the business.

T first explained that there have been many guys with great promo and he then claimed that the Rock was the best promo guy ever because he knew how to capture the moment:

“There have been so many great promos, The Rock was the best promo guy that ever did it because he really knew how to capture the moment and when I say to capture the moment I mean he talked about the local area where we were, the stadium, where he went to eat, he took you on a story.”

The former WCW World Champion went on to explain how the Great One was able to get the ultimate fan reaction by having them participate in his promos.

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