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Booker T on why Dolph Ziggler is the right opponent for Goldberg

While reports had come out pointing towards the bout, the announcement of Goldberg facing Dolph Ziggler at the SummerSlam PPV was still surprising for many.

During the recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, WWE Legend Booker T talked about the upcoming bout in detail and explained why Ziggler is the right opponent for the former WCW star.

Booker said that Dolph is a guy who has worked everywhere on the card and went on to claim that if anybody can help make Goldberg look better than he has looked in his entire life than its Ziggler:

“That’s the only thing they can say is that his resume is going to speak for itself. I always say that if you are that good your name will get there way before you do and Ziggler is one of those guys. Anybody can go out there and guide the ship and help make Goldberg better than he has looked in his entire life that’s your guy in Dolph Ziggler.”

Elsewhere in the podcast, Booker T also talked about how Goldberg will have pressure to redeem himself after his highly criticized match with the Undertaker but he then went on to say that he has been tight and intense about every match he has wrestled.

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