Booker T reveals who named the spinaroonie

On Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘n’ Wrestling Rager at Sea, Booker T held a Q&A session. It was reported last week that he’d made a joke about being on Jericho’s cruise despite still being affiliated with WWE.



The fans kept things lighthearted, asking him some pretty interesting questions, including the origins of his iconic spinaroonie. Booker T stated that the move itself came from his early background as an aspiring breakdancer.

“I was a breakdancer back in the day, and I loved, you know, pop-locking it and whatever. I was practicing one day at wrestling school, and I did it, and it just kind of stuck as far as me having something different to do in the wrestling ring. Having that as my signature was not something that I’d foreseen.”

As far as the name goes, it turns out that the AEW World Champion may have been responsible.

“One day when I was doing it, Mark Madden started saying ‘spinaroonie’ and it became the spinaroonie. I was like, ‘That sounds pretty cool.’ When I was talking to Mark a year ago, I was like, ‘Mark, you came up with the spinaroonie and whatnot.’

He goes, ‘Actually, I didn’t come up with the name.’ I was like, ‘Who came up with it?’ He goes, ‘Chris Jericho.’

Booker went on to say that Madden admitted to stealing it from Jericho when they’d been talking about him back in the day and Jericho called the move the “spinaroonie thing.”

Check out the full Q&A below, where Booker T goes into detail about the classic Stone Cold Steve Austin grocery store segment, Chris Benoit’s impact on his career, and more.

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