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Booker T takes shot at CM Punk during Money In The Bank

Booker T

Money In The Bank was in Chicago so a mention of the former WWE Champion and UFC Star CM Punk was inevitable and it came from the former World Champion Booker T.

In a previous interview, Booker had said that the former WWE Champion may return to wrestling if he gets beaten in his second UFC fight as well.

During the pre-show of the PPV, he took another shot at Punk and talking about his second loss, T said that we saw him trying to take over UFC and he got the breaks beat off of him:

“Look we saw CM Punk try to run in the UFC trying to take over, that boy got the breaks beat off him just a couple weeks ago”

CM Punk lost his second bout at UFC 225 earlier this month and after this, his future with the MMA League does not appear to be very bright. You can check out Booker T’s comment in the video below and the complete Money In The Bank result here.

  • BiggEZ

    Maybe Punk should come back and start a program with Booker T.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I actually love it. To bad if the CM Punk and his fans don’t it the truth.

  • CC

    Not really taken out of context per se, but it was obviously a line fed to him and he had to say it.
    I personally thought the line was pretty low to be fair, but I do not hold Booker accountable for it.
    You can almost picture Vince feeding him that line.

  • CC

    Or more likely it was fed into his ear and he had to say it.

  • Soulshroude

    It’s what editorials do, yeah and the smarks always fall for it.

  • Raidertre

    What are you talking about. How does one mention in a preshow mean that? WWE has been avoiding referencing punk for the longest.

  • Symbiote_X

    That clip probably was taken out of context. Booker was probably talking about the Rhonda/Nia match & how Rhonda wasn’t going to take over the WWE.

  • Batman Barry

    Wwe should really be a star and stop putting Cm punk down.. move on! Or is that the problem? When a wrestler moves on wwe can’t hack it

  • oppa

    For a company that hates Punk, they sure seem to love to have his name in their mouth.

  • Omar

    Sometimes Booker goes too far kissing corporate ass