Booker T chooses the best between DX and NWO

D-Generation X and New World Order are undoubtedly two of the greatest factions in pro wrestling history. They have been compared with each other over the years by fans, debating on which one is the best.



Booker T recently discussed the two legendary factions on his Hall of Fame Podcast and made his pick.

Booker T discusses DX and NWO

He was asked who was better between DX and NWO on the HOF Podcast. Booker T said that from a “longevity perspective”, DX did a lot better. They also sold a lot of merchandise during the active years of the faction and well beyond. But from a fanbase perspective, NWO probably had a bigger pull.

“That’s a hard question because DX sold a lot of merch. They did a lot for the company as well as getting the people on the ride at that time. DX did more than the NWO, especially from a longevity perspective. I wouldn’t say from a fan base perspective because that NWO T-Shirt, I see it on everything.”

Booker pointed out that NWO was “bound for disaster” because of how big it became. Starting from three, NWO went on to become an “army” where most of the members were just filling spot. That was not the case with DX.

“DX didn’t become an army. They were a faction. NWO became an army of guys that were not top guys and a bunch of guys that were in there to fill spots. Then it got so big, it became NWO black and white, NWO red and black. It was bound for disaster as far as that group went. The NWO should have been like DX and had their 5 men and not expand to at least 30 guys. I’m glad there was a great move for me to not be part of the NWO because I don’t think I would have been getting any merch. I would have just been part of the group. There would have been 3 guys who got big checks.”

Booker T had contracted Coronavirus back in June, and talked about it during an episode of the podcast in September.

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