Booker T talks infamous WrestleMania 19 match with Triple H

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T recently discussed his WrestleMania 19 match with Triple H. That bout was extremely controversial as Triple H took the win to retain the World Heavyweight Championship.



It wasn’t the act of winning that was controversial, but the way in which the feud had played out beforehand. Triple H had used racially motivated lines in his promo work before the bout and it left a sour taste in fan’s mouths when he defeated the former WCW Champion.

Booker T on Triple H WrestleMania Match

Booker T would reveal on the Hall of Fame podcast that he would’ve changed the outcome to that match. In fact, it’s the only thing in his career he ever would’ve changed.

“I really don’t think so. I really don’t think there’s anything I would do differently… I would change the outcome of the WrestleMania [19] match with Triple H. That’s about the only thing I would do differently. Anything other than that right there, I don’t think I would change it at all because getting into the business was all about a means of support for the fam.”

Booker T also compared Kofi Kingston’s WrestleMania title win to the moment he ‘could’ve’ had if he defeated Triple H.

“That moment solidified Kofi Kingston as being a guy who came through this business and won a world championship. For me, I won so many World Titles it ain’t even funny, so there’s a big difference. I won all of the titles except that one. Kofi hadn’t had that chance to win all of the other titles that I did, and do the things that I did at the top level. Taking nothing away from Kofi, but his moment and my moment were two different things.”

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