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Booker T talks Lio Rush thinking he is a huge star in WWE

Lio Rush has major issues backstage in WWE as of late and it might have resulted in him being removed from the main roster permanently. Booker T has seen many superstars come and go during his time in the company and it is obvious that he isn’t fond of seeing Rush going through such a difficult time.

The two-time WWE Hall Of Famer talked about Rush on his Hall Of Fame radio show. He said Lio Rush was previously in a good position with the company but now he has to get things in order and let go of his ego. After all, Booker T has seen people let their egos get in their way, especially in WCW.

“(Lio Rush) has been in a good position, working with Bobby Lashley. It seems like he would be on top of the world in that position. But, sometimes, you can start believing in your own press clippings.”

“One thing about WWE….it’s their show. If you learn how to work inside ‘the game’ and know how to get in and stay in ‘the game,’ at the end of the day, you make a lot of money. I just don’t know when people stop thinking about the endgame.”

“Guys in WCW thought they were really big stars until the doors closed. Then they had to find work somewhere else. A lot of those guys never worked in a major company ever again. You know why? It wasn’t about them. There are so many guys looking to take that spot that you have. If you’re in a position to make as much money as you can and you’re worried about what someone else is doing…it just confuses me. I hope he can get the heat off of him because he’s very talented. Great talker as well as a great worker. There’s money there for this guy to be making for a long time. LIO! Get your game right.”

According to Lio Rush’s Instagram stories, he was going back home on Tuesday morning. Hopefully Lio Rush gets it together and the issues between him and WWE gets resolved soon enough.