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Booker T voices his issues with nWo’s Hall Of Fame induction

WWE announced the induction of nWo into Hall Of Fame recently but it appears that at least one wrestling legend is not very happy with this announcement.

During the recent episode of his Hall Of Fame podcast, the former World Champion Booker T talked about the announcement and explained his issues with the induction.

The former WCW star explained that there are many other names who should be inducted as part of nWo and he claimed that we should boycott the whole thing:

“You know what? That’s my beef right there, man. Horace Hogan, Virgil, Scott Norton, Konnan, Buff Bagwell, [The] Giant, [Lex] Luger, Sting. Was Sting in there for a minute? Ted DiBiase, [Eric Bischoff], me. Me! Yeah, I should be getting another ring! Stevie [Ray]. Man, I’ve got to talk to somebody about this. do you know what? That’s wrong! That’s wrong. Do you know what I mean? And we need to boycott this whole thing! I’m serious. We need a petition because I don’t feel like it’s right! If you [were] a member of the nWo in any shape, form, or fashion, you should be the recipient of a ring at the end of the day because you contributed!”

WWE announced the induction of nWo last week and the official announcement states that Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Hulk Hogan, and Sean Waltman will be the members who will be inducted into the 2020 class as part of the group.

  • Garganosucks

    Syxx was in the group sept 96 to feb 98

  • Garganosucks

    Ithink of hall nash hogan giant norton and buff syxx

  • Garganosucks

    Buff bagwell was nwo material. He deserves it

  • jedi


  • revelated

    What’s really surprising: no Dennis Rodman. WWE loves their celebrity inductees.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Bret Hart as the leader and world champ, Jarrett as the US champ, the Outsiders as tag champs, and Steiner as the muscle. How was that worse than the likes of Vincent, Horace, and Adams in the original nWo or the Wolfpac splinter group that lasted for five minutes before Sting and Savage got injured and was reduced to Nash, K-Dawg, and Luger?

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    Exactly, HBK deserves a nWo ring more that Booker T. He might have only been there for 2 weeks, but kicking Booker’s teeth down his throat was more exciting than anything Booker did in the WWE’s nWo

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    nWo 2000 was the worst version unless ur a Jarrett mark

  • Dirt McGirt

    The only version of the nWo that should be inducted in its entirety is nWo 2000, and you could even make the case that the Harris Brothers should be left out. That was the best version of the group. They might not have had the same impact or been around as long or had any big moment, but when you talk star power, top to bottom, it’s them, followed by the reformed Wolfpac when Hogan joined.

  • F. Loyd B. Pippin

    Especially seeing as those guys took most of the bumps for the nWo and were the ones that showed up to the house shows for the nWo.

  • Rajah

    Agreed! When I think of the NWO I think of those 3 guys.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    I kind of agree & don’t agree..

    I mean I personally don’t think NWO have any business being in the WWE hall of fame.. especially before the likes of Vader, Davey Boy Smith, Miss Elizabeth, Brian Pillman and so on only reason these guys are going in along with Craptista is because of his friendship with Hunter.

    The NWO might have been hot sh** in WCW but it eventually ran it’s course by 2000 and the version that was in the WWE absolutely stank up the joint

  • CC

    Nope, sorry Booker, the only people who belong in are the original team. My only issue with this induction is the inclusion of X-Pac. Should just be Nash, Hall and Hogan.

  • Sparti Love

    Shut up Booker!
    Four Horseman didn’t induct Ole, Lugar, Sid, Benoit, Pillman, Mongo, Roma, etc. They chose the best version of the group.

    I agree that nWo had MANY members but what truly made them HoF worthy is the core 3: Hogan, Hall and Nash. My only argument is that Synxx does not deserve to be in it. He was barely in the group, got fired, returned to WWE and joined DX, which got him his HoF ring last year.

    Also, Booker should not remind people he was on the awful WWE version of the nWo. I did chuckle that he started his argument with Horace Hogan lol

  • jedi

    Cant argue.