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Bound For Glory will probably be missing an important person

Jim Cornette had high praise for the WWE UK title match.

Global Force Wrestling and Jim Cornette recently combined forces. Corney is an on-screen authority figure and seems to be making some waves in the company’s storylines.

GFW recently announced┬átheir Bound For Glory PPV will be in Toronto Canada but they’ll have to do it without Cornette because he’s not allowed to visit America’s neighbors to the North.

Jim Cornette explained why he can’t enter Canada on a recent episode of The Jim Cornette Experience.

Apparently, the last time Cornette was going to Canada was for a Ring Of Honor show a few years ago. He said he was driving with his wife Stacey in the car they own when all of a sudden, they were pulled over by authorities near the US/Canadian border.

He said their car was searched but nothing was found. Cornette remarked how they found no knives, guns, or drugs during their search. It was a tense situation but then everything took a turn for the worse.

Cornette said the police ran his history and found all of his previous assault charges from the days of kayfabe where he had to defend himself as a heel manager. At that point, he was deemed not illegible to enter Canada.

Jim Cornette often remarked in the weeks leading up to an upcoming appearance in Detroit it’s the closest to Canada he’ll ever get and offered free merchandise to fans with a Canadian driver’s license if they’ll make the trip.