Box Office News for The Rock’s Hercules, NFL Prospect Interested In WWE, CM Punk Video

– At just after 2:15 in the video below, CM Punk gives a San Diego Comic Con update for Nerdist: has an article about Nevada football player and NFL prospect Brock Hekking. Hekking, who is friends with WWE developmental talent Clayton Jack, says he was offered a deal by WWE in 2013. Hekking said:

“He [Clayton] said, ‘You could come do this if you want to.’ I said, ‘I’m going to play my senior season.’ He said, ‘OK. This is Plan B.’ It’s fun and you can make decent money doing it, so that’s my Plan B.”

– The Rock’s Hercules is doing better than expected at the box office and will be coming in at #2 behind Lucy this weekend. The movie is expected to finish the weekend with $30 million. The Rock’s biggest “all by myself” opening weekend came back in 2002 for The Scorpion King, but that movie had the help of being a Mummy Returns spin-off.

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