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Bram turns match into a shoot fight obliterating indie worker’s face

When things get real in a wrestling ring sometimes you have to question whether or not what you are seeing is a planned work. Fans of Insane Championship Wrestling recently enjoyed ICW’s Shugg’s Hoose Party 4 show and they had to ask themselves that same question.

They were running a wedding angle during the show where Ravie Davie was marrying Martina. But if you know anything about pro wrestling it is that weddings in the squared circle rarely turn out well. Global Force Wrestling star Bram came down during the nuptials and interrupted things in alarming fashion.

Reports are he started destroying everyone in the ring and things got quite real in the match that proceeded Bram’s run in on the wedding. Ravie Davie sustained a few stiff shots to the face that many people saw as more than just pro wrestling. Ravie Davie ended up winning the match via pinfall, but it certainly appeared like he lost by the look of his face.

Fans in attendance reported Bram’s attack on Ravie Davie was something that “couldn’t have been planned and everyone feels uncomfortable and wanted to leave.” It’s never good when something happens in the ring that is so horrendous everyone just wants to leave because they don’t want to play witness to the scene playing out in front of them. But that’s apparently what happened at the ICW Shugg’s Hoose Party 4.

You can check out an image of Bram’s destruction below but we must warn you it’s pretty brutal. There is always the chance all those legit shots to the face were part of the plan, but there are way less dangerous ways of drawing heat. However it is Insane Championship Wrestling, so who knows?

The people on commentary were apparently playing off on Bram’s past violent behavior that’s gotten him in trouble with the law as well. We’re not saying that is a clear indication it was all part of the show, but it might give us some hope this was an agreed upon spot.

  • CC

    Too busy spending their time thinking of “witty” intros to their articles to actually watch wrestling and know what they are talking about.

    Next up we will get an article about Bobby Lashley with a picture of Apollo Crews.

  • pitfallharry219

    From what this site has become, would you expect any less?

  • Omar

    They couldnt even bother to look closely at which bearded wrestler they were showing. Thank your stars it isnt Brawn’s picture.

  • nick-hulk

    Title pic is a pic of Gunner