Brandi Rhodes on why the Nightmare Collective broke up: “I was not happy with it”

We’d reported earlier that AEW seems to have broken up Brandi Rhodes’ Nightmare Collective faction. Rhodes confirmed this on her appearance on Wrestling Observer Live and also revealed the reason behind this decision.



Rhodes revealed that she was originally supposed to manage Awesome Kong and the latter wanted to change up her look and also wanted to cut off her opponents’ hair.

However, Brandi revealed that Kong was not feeling “physically well” and that fans couldn’t “feel” the concept since they didn’t have time to explain it.

The CBO of AEW went on to state that she wasn’t happy with herself being in it and she wasn’t happy with how other people involved in it were being perceived. She also revealed that it was her decision and not AEW’s that this faction got broken up.

Rhodes said that the remaining members of the Nightmare Collective, namely Luther and Mel will still have future programs in AEW and fans will get to see what happens next there. She said that now that she’s out of it, she’s good with it and hopes that the fans are good with it too.

She also revealed that she was encouraged by people within the company to go ahead with the Nightmare Collective but she decided on walking out because she wasn’t “feeling it”.


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