Braun Strowman attacks Tyson Fury at WWE PC (video)

WWE has posted a new video of Tyson Fury being attacked by Braun Strowman while the boxing champion was training for his upcoming match at WWE Performance Center.



In the video, posted on WWE’s YouTube channel, The Monster Among Man attacked Fury while the Boxer was practicing shoulder tackles.

Fury was left holding his knee after Strowman charged him and the video ended with the former Wyatt Family member calling out his opponent saying “You’re in my world now.”:

The Crown Jewel PPV will see these two monster-sized athletes facing each other in a one on one match in what will be Tyson Fury’s debut in wrestling.

As we noted before, The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has asked for the Boxing star to be a part of the show and WWE is reportedly paying him $15 million for his match at the event.

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