Braun Strowman Debuts Surprising New Haircut

Braun Strowman is pretty easy to imagine if you closed your eyes and had to describe what he looked like. Braun is tall, muscular, a powerlifter type, and has a shaved head. Oh, Braun also has a huge beard. Well, the last part may no longer be able to be used as a descriptor for Braun. That’s right. The huge beard that was almost as huge as the man himself is no more. Bray Wyatt ‘Pulled’ From Raw By Top Name.



Word came out that Braun shaved his beard down to near skin length dropped when Braun took to Instagram to spread the word as rumors had already caught him and gotten the word out ahead of his announcement.

Braun stated the following about his new look: “Since I figured the cats out of the bag already. I cut my beard for the first time in a decade! While I am still adjusting to it – I ain’t mad at it!”

Braun was, of course, recently released by Vince McMahon and company. Rumors then spread that Braun was charging massive amounts of money to appear of different promotions. The rumor really didn’t make much sense at all as former stars must adhere to a 90-day-no-compete policy. Braun cleared this up on his Twitter and said the rumors were not true.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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