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Braun Strowman loses Universal Championship shot at WWE Royal Rumble

  • CC

    But they never said he was not well enough. He is obviously not cleared yet, and the flipping of the limo is not actually him doing it.
    If they had said he was not cleared to wrestle then yeah, flipping a limo would be silly (well sillier than it already is), but they used a storyline that does not make him look weak to cover for his slower than expected recovery.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe sometime in 2019 Braun Strowman will be WWE champion but this maybe to save Braun Strowman from another Brock Lesnar lost. They need Braun Strowman to be there top face. An Brock Lesnar doesn’t want to put Braun Strowman over.

  • Rajah

    So he’s still not cleared to wrestle after surgery, but he’s well enough to “flip” over Vince’s limo?