Braun Strowman Posts Wyatt Family Photo Before Raw

WWE star Braun Strowman recently paid tribute to his former Wyatt Family stablemate, the late Brodie Lee (Luke Harper in WWE). ‘The Monster of All Monsters’ took to his Twitter account and posted a picture of the Wyatt Family –  Eric Rowan, Bray Wyatt, Brodie Lee, and Strowman himself.



The former Universal Champion recently took to Twitter to share a one-word message and a photo of his Wyatt Family teammates.

“Forever!!!!” Braun Strowman tweeted.

Recently, Strowman and Ricochet defeated Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci of Imperium in a Miracle On 34th Street Fight this week on SmackDown. The matchup was truly entertaining, featuring a number of high spots, a ballerina, and the New Day dressed as Nutcrackers.WWE correspondent Megan Morant caught up with the Monster of All Monsters on SmackDown Lowdown this week. He recalled how Gunther and his cronies cost him the SmackDown World Cup a few weeks ago.

“You say it’s unfinished because you’re absolutely right. Gunther cost me the World Cup tournament. Ricochet took advantage of it and I don’t blame him.” Strowman continued, “Gunther, on the other hand, is an absolute dirtbag. Those two clowns that run around with him, they think they can stick their nose in anybody’s business whenever they want to. They found out tonight that it don’t always happen on my watch.”

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