Braun Strowman Reveals How Vince McMahon Felt About Him

Vince McMahon doesn’t have the best record with past stars. In fact, not many stars have much good to say about the boss. Can you blame them? Let’s think about all the ways that Vince McMahon has stifled pushes and made a complete mockery out of stars who were very over with the crowd. Some wrestlers take their thoughts on Vince to the grave while others are very vocal with their feelings good or bad. One of these stars is Braun Strowman who had a few choice words on the boss of the WWE. WWE SummerSlam 2022 Bombshell Leaks.



Braun Strowman was recently interviewed about how he was picked out by Vince McMahon and what made Vince want to give the big man a shot at being one of the best big men to ever do it. In the interview, Braun started out by stating that he was with Adam Rose as one of his Rosebuds which then garnered Vince’s attention.

Braun stated: “I was a Rosebud. That’s what got me seen. Vince [McMahon] himself saw me doing the Rosebud gimmick, he goes, ‘Why is this guy doing this?”

Braun may be happy with some free time now, but he does miss the company as he states: “It’s kind of cool to have the opportunity just to do stuff. I was very fortunate in my time with WWE but it was very, very time consuming. I didn’t have a lot of time to do other things so now during my downtime when I’m trying to figure out what I wanna do when I grow up, I get an opportunity to go out and, you know, explore different avenues, try different things and I’m enjoying it. I definitely miss being in the squared circle though. I promise you that,” said the former WWE star.”

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