Braun Strowman ‘Shut Down’ By Top Wrestling Company?

The former WWE star Braun Strowman (real name Adam Scherr) made a huge name in the company and following his shocking release joined forces with fellow former WWE star EC3 to former Control Your Narrative promotion. ‘The Monster Among Men’ recently claimed that another wrestling company (he seemed to imply it was MLW), calling it a ‘three-letter company’ that isn’t WWE, tried to shut down his upcoming Control Your Narrative show in Dallas, Texas. It has been noted that CYN has a show scheduled for Gilley’s in Dallas on 3/31. He said they tried to get the venue to shut it down.



Braun Strowman did not name the promotion

The former WWE Universal Champion did not specify which promotion and several wrestling companies are running during WrestleMania weekend in Dallas. As far as we know, the promotions running shows on 3/31 in and around Dallas are the following:

– Glory Pro Wrestling at The Embarcadero Building, Fair Park (11 am)
– Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport 8 at The Embarcadero Building, Fair Park
(3 pm)
– AAA at WrestleCon (5 pm)
– Insane Hardcore Wrestling (IHW) X-Treme Combat at Ridgelea Theater
(5 pm)
– Iconic Heroes Wrestling Excellence (IHWE) Old School Hustle at Ridgelea Theater (7 pm)
– MLW Intimidation Games at Gilley’s (7 pm)
– ROW & WCPW Texas Showdown: Don’t Mess With Texas Day 2 in Irving, TX (7 pm)
– Joey Janela’s Spring Break 6 Part 1 at The Embarcadero Building, Fair Park
(8 pm)
– Mark Hitchcock Memorial Supershow at Fairmont Hotel (9 pm)
– Dark Arts Entertainment and Full Blown Pro Wrestling Ghouls Night Out
in Arlington (8 pm)
– GCW Planet Death at The Embarcadero Building, Fair Park (11:59 pm)

Braun Strowman takes shot at other promotions

Strowman also claimed that CYN is the only place to be unless you want to see “a bunch of dorks choreograph a dance with each other for no reason at all.” He took numerous shots at various other promotions bother stating that talent will actually ‘fight in CYN.

If you missed our first sold out show don’t miss this one. As @controlyournarrative is set blow the roof of the world famous @gilleysdallas 3/31 see the essential character @therealec3 count the seconds of someone’s life away with @realkillerkross or stand in awe at the presence of The Titan!!!! And if you think that’s all wait to you see what else we have up our sleeves. This will be the only place to be 3/31 ( unless you wanna watch a bunch or dorks choreograph dance with each other for no reason at all cause we don’t do that garbage in the Narrative cause we actually fight) be a part of the future be a part of something special be a part of change. We are the future!!!! @prowtv @famedaysofficial @controlyournarrative @freethenarrator #Wrestling #ProWrestling #BigFights #NoFlippyFloppy #WhereTheBigBoysPlay #ChoppinMeat


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