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Braun Strowman wins Universal Title

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Finally Braun Strowman win the WWE Unverlasial Champion. I don’t see him losing the Unverlasial Championship for a while either.

  • CC

    My biggest worry right now is once the wrestling starts up properly again, Braun will just get fed to Roman.

  • D_O

    I’m ok with it. Goldberg was never meant to be anything more than a transitional champion. It also seemed like reigns was starting to get heat again. You can’t fault reigns for being immunocompromised and you can’t fault strowman for being the backup guy. Let reigns re-earn his top spot. Let strowman demolish a few challengers. Keep them apart match wise till at least Summer Slam and it will work out.

  • Omar

    I see no upside. Crap match and a crap result. I also dont see Braun as main event material. He is one note. (Just like Goldberg, but without the intensity)

  • CC

    While its good that they have finally pulled the trigger with him as champ, I kinda feel sorry for Braun.
    Firstly, to finally have his first decent non gimmick match at Mania and a title win is great, it’s happened under totally the wrong circumstances and seeing as he was only put in that role due to Reigns pulling out he kinda comes across as sloppy seconds.
    Obviously Goldberg was probably not willing to hang around any longer, so they had to get the belt off of him, but knowing that that was initially gonna go to Reigns, must kinda sting. How good would it have been for Braun if they had originally planned him winning at WM when it was going ahead as normal?
    At least they made him look strong eating four spears and kicking out.