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Braun Strowman on if the Wyatt Family ever held him back

Braun Strowman is a main eventer now but when he first broke onto the WWE Universe’ radar he was a part of the Wyatt Family. He learned all he could there and by the time he branched out on his own with a new haircut and down one black sheep mask it was all business.

The Monster Among Men was recently interviewed by Pro Wrestling Illustrated where he was asked if being a member of the Wyatt Family ever held him back and he had the opposite to report.

“No, I would never, never think that was holding me back,” Strowman said when asked if The Wyatt Family ever held him back, “Being with the Wyatt Family is what got me to where I am. Let’s be honest. When I debuted, that was the eighth time I had ever been in front of people. And, like you said, the people criticized me when I first debuted. But what did they expect?”

“It was the eighth time I’d ever wrestled. It was a ‘let’s see what’s going to happen’ think. It’s all trial and error. That’s the thing I said about learning in this business. Every time you go out, it’s an opportunity to learn something new. Every time I go out and work I try to figure something else out to make my game better. If my work now compared to where I was doesn’t attest to my work ethic, I don’t know what does.”

  • Andrew Kloman

    I absolutely agree. This guy is gonna be around for a long time. especially with an attitude like that. It means he can work with anyone and knows careers have ups and downs and once hes moved from the main event picture as more people come up he wont be a sour puss about it.

  • CC

    Ya know what, I really like this guy. He is refreshingly honest, and seems like a decent bloke.
    I was overly critical of him when he came into WWE, because he was so green it was not funny.
    To be fair though, I was more critical of WWE for putting him on the main roster,
    And the fact that he actually agrees with people who were critical of him, is pretty damn honest of him.

    All that is said and done though, the best thing about the guy is his willingness to learn, and how well he has learned in a relatively short space of time.