Bray Wyatt 2022 Bombshell Leaks: ‘It’s Happening’

Bray Wyatt has been away from pro-wrestling since his release from WWE. The ever-popular fan favorite of the sports entertainment and professional wrestling world was released from his WWE contract on July 31 of last year. It turns out that he is working hard on his first Hollywood project after having a great time in the world of pro-wrestling. The former WWE star Wyatt (real name Windham) was shockingly released from Vince McMahon’s company last summer despite the Firefly Fun House and Fiend character which gained popularity among the fans. Also, Bray Wyatt recently posted a romantic photo with WWE diva.



It seems that they started filming his feature film debut late last year, and now his collaborator and friend Jason Baker have given an update.

Bray Wyatt movie update revealed

Speaking to RocknRoll Beer Guy, Callosum Studios owner and special makeup effects artist, Jason Baker provided some updates about the new movie said:

“It’s happening. It’s going. We did some stuff in November in Tennessee and we’re working on some more stuff. It’s coming along. ‘Hopefully, people like it once we get it all put together. I had such a blast working with him and directing him when we did the original, first eight Firefly Fun House segments, we just clicked and became really good friends. He’s an amazing collaborator and one of the smartest people I know. Why wouldn’t I want to (work with him)? We have some other good people involved. It should be fun once we finally get to put boots to the ground, which is always the hardest part, getting all your ducks in a row, which we’re working on, and going from there.”

The fans are eagerly waiting to see Wyatt on-screen, whether it is for a movie or in the squared circle. We will see when the fans can see him back on the screen.

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