Bray Wyatt AEW Debut Spoiled In Photo?

Bray Wyatt’s tattoo artist Kyle A. Scarborough is hinting at his AEW debut.



A fan asked, “I hope that your work is still featured on television no matter what happens in the future I think you did amazing work with Bray and whoever you work with is only going to benefit from your talent. I hope this is not the end of Bray only a new beginning.” Kyle responded, “It will be.” He posted an AEW GIF.

A great and sad day is currently upon us as Bray Wyatt has recently been released by WWE. It’s sad for many fans of WWE, but many are now rejoicing as Bray can finally focus on being the best version of himself that he wishes to be. Bray was very squandered by WWE, that’s a fact. However, WWE did help him to bring The Fiend to life and one person created The Fiend’s burn mask and he is now weighing in on the process…Bray Wyatt Surprising Photo With Sting Revealed.

Jason Baker helped make The Fiend’s masks and his ring attire. He spoke to Foundation Radio and revealed that they took time and effort to not offend anyone who actually suffered burns. This is why the mask has shades of Chucky from Child’s Play rather than someone who actually has been through such tragedy.

Jason stated: “We wanted it to be shocking. I’m like, ‘How do you outdo The Fiend?’ And I’m like, ‘Okay, we’ll take it over the top’ and also, surprisingly, we didn’t — one of the things we really, really pushed for was we didn’t wanna offend anyone. We didn’t wanna hurt [anyone] because there’s people who have had the misfortune of being horribly burned, horribly disfigured and you know, we never wanna ever make fun or make light of those horrible situations that those people have gone through.”

Jason closed: “So, one of the many reasons why the burned Fiend look was so extreme was that it was we took it beyond anatomically possible if that makes sense, to where it wouldn’t look — we didn’t wanna make it look realistic. We made it look movie-realistic but not authentic-realistic if that makes sense because we didn’t want anyone to be like, ‘Thank you for mocking my trauma.’ So that was one of the big — that was the first thing that we talked about was making sure that it was so over the top that no one could look at it and be like, ‘You guys are — thanks for mocking my third degree burns, my physical deformities from this traumatic situation’ so we were, you know, because it’s horrible.”

Special thanks to RingsideNews for the transcription.

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