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Bray Wyatt on Avoiding Injury, Not Liking to Diet, Who He Wants To Face Next

WWE SmackDown Live Tag Team Champion Bray Wyatt was recently interviewed by WTOP’s Chris “The Big Chee” Cichon. You can check out what he had to say here:

On being drafted by SmackDown Live:

“I didn’t really care. I was going to both of them anyway. I think looking back at what Undertaker did, he kind of made SmackDown his home, and I like the idea of being the underdog because everybody kind of gives RAW the attention. But I really feel like what we’ve been able to accomplish with SmackDown Live we’ve really turned this thing around and it’s really showed our hard work.”

On if it’s difficult to come up with scripts for his promos:

“Everyone always asks me this question and the answer is so simplistic. I’m not an idiot. Everyone thinks of me as some weird swamp trash pro wrestler, and that’s okay think what you want but I’m an intelligent person and I have my own views on the world. I don’t have a script, I don’t sit down and nobody brings me a paper and says ‘It’d be really cool if you say this.’ I speak form my mind and my heart and it’s a lot easier to speak on something that I truly care about. I go on tangents obviously a lot, I’ll have an idea when I go out there, and if I get lost I’ll find my way and snake my way on back through the grape vine. It’s so much easier when I’m in control of everything I’m saying. I feel it.”

On if Sister Abigail is something he’s used his whole career:

“Actually a good comrade of mine, Joey Mercury, introduced me to the move. I obviously put my own spin on it and took it from where it was to where it is now. There’s no long details on that, it’s just something that was really fitting for me.”

On who he’d like to face next:

“This thing is addicting. Once you got one (title) you just want to take them all. We rule SmackDown already, why not just make it official, cause for some reason when someone sees you walking around with this, wether they’ve had it before or whatever, you get some kind of newfound respect and I think that’s what I’m after anyway. I’ll just take one from The Miz, cause that should be easy, then AJ Styles. There’s three of us, then anytime you bring back Braun, you bring back Rowan, you bring back — the new ones. It’s an unstoppable, impenetrable fortress if we keep steam rolling ahead, who knows what’ll happen.”

On how he avoids injury:

“I’ve spent the last three days having street fights with Dean Ambrose. I feel like we’ll die together fighting each other for eternity one day. That’s just me and his MO. This is dangerous man, I played sports my entire life, I’ve had surgeries, this and that, I’ve never been in as much physical pain as I have here. This is a hard thing to do. 48 weeks a year, I think it’s even more than that, you gotta go to the gym. You gotta take care of yourself. I personally don’t like to diet. I think it’s stupid. You only live once. I do like to train just because of the simple reason that it doesn’t hurt as much. I need to keep myself strong as I can be. That’s just who I am as a man, and I think a lot of people have the same idea.”

(All transcribed quotes courtesy of Wrestling Inc.)

  • Pierrepoint

    You should learn how to read. I said exactly what the article said. He doesn’t diet, and it shows. Exactly what my comment said. He’s a fat pig.

  • JAckh45

    did you read it? he states he doesn’t diet and calls it stupid. please read the article before adding weak insults.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Yeah, I love the character but it’s been A LOT more. I think he has a bad rep of injuries and hopefully being in a tag team for awhile can help out with keeping him on tv.

  • Pierrepoint

    Dieting?? Take a look in the mirror Bray. I think you’ve become quite accustomed to avoiding dieting.

  • Solid

    Only two? I thought it was more…

  • Kristopher Robinson

    On how he avoids injury?! Hasn’t he been injured twice since being Bray?!