Bray Wyatt ‘Bad Paycheck’ Offer Leaks

Bray Wyatt’s former WWE theme song “Live In Fear” is one the best entrance songs in the company and fans had liked it. The song was originally called “Broken Out In Love” and performed by Mark Crozer.



Crozer speaking on the Rain Stops Play podcast revealed that he had uploaded the song to a music licensing website back in 2012. When Wyatt and WWE discovered the song, they began using it while Wyatt was still in FCW. Daniel Bryan ‘Lying’ About Quitting WWE?

Wyatt wanted to use it when it was time for his main roster debut. Crozer was contacted by WWE, who wanted to secure the rights to the song.

WWE had offered him a deal which was ‘take it or leave it. Though a low paycheck was offered, Crozer had accepted it. He said

He said:

“WWE contacted me to say, ‘Bray Wyatt has been using your song and he really likes it and it’s proven to be popular. We’re about to give him a push and want to use it permanently.’ There was no negotiation. They basically said, ‘here’s what we’re going to do, here’s what we’re offering. Take it or otherwise, we’ll find something else.’ They wanted to keep the publish for themselves. I thought it was a bit of a crap deal but I could keep 100% of it and never make any money from it because it would disappear without trace or I could give it to them and potentially make money from it. In hindsight, it was the right decision. To be able to get some money, which was actually quite good, I wasn’t going to turn it down. It was a few thousand dollars.”

Crozer also revealed that he was told Wyatt would be changing characters as he did which now known as The Fiend and was asked to come up with a new theme. But later on the Code Orange version of “Live In Fear,” was selected as his theme.

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