Bray Wyatt Breaks Character For Alexa Bliss

Royal Rumble 2023 concluded last night. WWE has continuously teased Alexa Bliss rejoining Bray Wyatt again. After Alexa Bliss’ match, Uncle Howdy showed up once again and further provoked Bliss turning to their side.



Bray Wyatt talks about Alexa Bliss

While speaking during the post-Royal Rumble press conference, Bray Wyatt was asked about Alexa Bliss possibly joining Wyatt. Wyatt made it clear that he is sure something will happen with her in the future.

“I think that me and Alexa are connected forever, no matter what. It’s just kind of the way it’s gone. And, where it leads I don’t know, no one knows, but I feel like there will be something at some point and it will be memorable, I’m sure of that.”

Alexa Bliss squared off against Bianca Belair for the RAW Women’s Championship at Royal Rumble tonight. Little Miss Bliss failed to beat the champion despite her efforts. Uncle Howdy once again appeared on screen after the match. The mysterious figure played mind games with Alexa Bliss by flashing her dark past in front of her eyes. Howdy once again popped the question: “Do you feel in-charge?”

Meanwhile, Wyatt and LA Knight fought in a ‘Pitch black Match’. The match started with lights out and came back up neon. Bray Wyatt had his face painted so that the light would make him look monstrous while LA Knight’s trunks were glowing green. In the end, they did a big spot or two, with Knight putting Wyatt through the announcer’s desk, but it was Bray who won the match clean after hitting Sister Abigail. During the match, Uncle Howdy showed up and jumped from a very high stage through the table Knight was on.

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