Bray Wyatt Drops WWE Return Bombshell

Recently, on the newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show,’ Billi Bhatti and former WWE writer & creative team member Vince Russo discussed about a vast landscape of all things in the world of pro-wrestling and sports entertainment. Here, Bhatti and Russo discuss a direct message that Wyatt sent Russo through social media. In the message, which was declassified by Russo. Did this major SummerSlam Bray Wyatt match just leak?



The self-described ‘cryptic’ message talks about how Wyatt wants to hear Russo’s opinion whenever Wyatt is able to tell ‘his story’ and how he plans to do some creative things in the future that will allegedly be light on the supernatural aspect. Wrestling-Edge transcribed the following comments below.

Russo: Billi, I got exclusive news for you. I got a direct message from Bray Wyatt – would you like me to read it?

Bhatti: If you can and if it’s not too private.

Russo: It’s cryptic. Very cryptic and very interesting. Now bro, I want to set the message straight. I reached out to Bray Wyatt when I heard that he had been kind of struggling. So I reached out with a supportive DM, ya know? Here is what he sent back to me – which is very interesting. “I appreciate you man, I really, really do. When I can tell my story, I will surely like to hear what you think. Until then, I’m gonna fight the good fight and hopefully do some cool stuff that will blow people’s minds. Hopefully, without the spooky magic bit. Wherever and whenever that may be. Thank you bro, I mean that.” Very interesting comments.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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