Bray Wyatt ‘Feud’ With Fired WWE Star Leaks?

Bray Wyatt has not been on WWE programming since the Raw after WWE WrestleMania 37 – an event that surely Wyatt would like to forget after losing to ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton in what was considered a shock to the WWE Universe. What also was a shock to the WWE universe was the release of several WWE superstars this past week – including former NXT Champion, Aleister Black. Black also recently revealed this surprising news on the brother of Bray Wyatt.



One WWE fan took to social media via Twitter to showcase what the former Black stated on Twitch, which included plans of an Aleister Black – Bray Wyatt feud. A rivalry which ultimately did not come to fruition.

The fan’s account would state: “Aleister Black said on twitch he was planning to go after the Fiend because Bray made Seth turn heel which lead to Seth taking Aleister’s eye; pure genius, shame we never got it.”

“I’ve been out of the business now, it’s going on about 10 years that I’ve been out of the business. I would give anything to work one on one with Bray Wyatt. See now, if Vince McMahon was to offer me money as a consultant, ‘You work with Bray, you guys do whatever you want, you tell us every week what this character is doing.’ Bro I would do that in a heartbeat because getting to work with somebody like that would be like an absolute honor. What they have done with that talent, literally, it breaks my heart. I feel so bad for the guy because the system has failed him. The system should not be failing you. The system should be helping you.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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