Bray Wyatt Humiliating Name Change Revealed

The former WWE star Bray Wyatt underwent some gimmick transformation over the years during his time in WWE. His creative mind has been praised on multiple occasions. His ‘The Fiend’ character stood out and the fans have loved it. The former WWE star Ricardo Rodriguez talked about Wyatt. They know each other from their time in FCW, WWE’s developmental territory back in the day.



Bray Wyatt gimmick influence was revealed

Rodriguez recently opened up on Wyatt’s possible influences outside wrestling that inspired him to come up with a gimmick. In his earliest days as Axel Mulligan, Wyatt wore a mask reminiscent of his Fiend character. Rodriguez wrestled Bray when he started in the business and got to know him. As one would expect, the star’s influences were unconventional.

Ricardo Rodriguez recalled how American nu metal band Slipknot influenced Wyatt:

“He tried to debut this character called Axel Mulligan. Which was like pre-Bray Wyatt. It was very Slipknot, he had like a Slipknot mask. I think his first match was with me, somewhere in Florida. But then when I got to know him and I got to understand his mind… I remember we used to have conversations about Charles Manson. And that’s when I really got to understand how his brain was working.”

It was also noted that the father of the atomic bomb, J. Robert Oppenheimer, was yet another influence. Rodriguez recalled their conversation about his infamous interview:

“And then I remember we had this big discussion about this guy named Robert Oppenheimer. Robert Oppenheimer was the creator of the atom bomb. And then we discussed the very famous clip that is on YouTube, his interview that he did after they did the tests. When he was basically regretting doing it, he said I’m the destroyer of worlds in that interview. It’s really creepy,” the former WWE star added.

The former WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt has reportedly signed back with WWE. He was shockingly released by the company last year amid the pandemic. He has been teasing the fans about a possible return. Fans have been speculating his pro-wrestling future and there have been numerous reports revolving around his return to WWE. WWE Clash at the Castle Premium Live Event will mark the company’s first premium event in UK in over a decade. It seems the event could see the return of Bray Wyatt.

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