Bray Wyatt Is Now Gone From WWE Raw

WWE is doing some things in the right manner. There are so many returns that have happened in the past couple of months. Triple H took charge on July 25th. His return as the creative head has seen some of the most promising names return to the company.



We saw The Originals, previously called The O.C., return to the WWE during the season premiere of the Monday Night show. There was another return that caught the world’s attention and that was Bray Wyatt. He returned during the closing moments of Extreme Rules.

The return made the fans go berserk in a good way, and the impact can be seen in the ratings for the show. According to PWInsider, Bray Wyatt is scheduled to return to the blue brand and he would be making appearances only on SmackDown.

Whether this changes down the line is something to be seen, but for now, the former Eater of Worlds is scheduled to take down the SmackDown brand in his control as he makes his return to the show. Fans would love to see him on any show at any time.

Bray Wyatt made the return to Raw through vignettes, but there wasn’t much that he had to offer on Raw. SmackDown is where he will be making his return and it’s a possibility that it will be a way to spark a feud that we are unable to process at this time.

Will the return to SmackDown have some possible impact for Bray Wyatt and the WWE? Sound off in the comments.

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