Bray Wyatt Leaks Vince McMahon Text Message

Bray Wyatt has added a quote or text message from Vince McMahon to his Twitter bio, as seen in an embedded tweet below.



Fans thought new cryptic promos on Raw may be for Bray Wyatt, but they are for Edge. Edge is reportedly set to return to WWE on next Monday’s episode of RAW. WWE has been teasing the fans since Money In The Bank Premium Live Event. The company had dropped a cryptic teaser which was speculated to be for a returning Bray Wyatt. However, fans might be disappointed to know that it is reportedly not for him. The company has been dropping a new teaser every week on RAW and once again dropped a new teaser on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW that has gotten the fans scratching their head.

The new vignette included references to John Cena, Randy Orton and WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, among others. Although many fans are holding out hope that the vignette would lead to the WWE comeback of Wyatt, the various references, especially the burned Foley jacket (from WrestleMania 22), 2006 RKO t-shirt, and Cena cap, are seemingly related to Edge’s career.

Similarly, the first vignette that aired during Money in the Bank earlier this month made subtle references to WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle (gold medal), The Hardy Boyz (gloves), The Dudleys (glasses) and Christian Cage (a cross). Subsequently, Fightful Select reported that the working plan was for the vignettes to represent Edge.

Edge is bringing back old gimmick

On the June 6th edition of WWE RAW, Finn Balor joined The Judgment Day and the group immediately crossed their leader. They brutally beat him down and the 48-year-old has not been seen on WWE television since. While many fans believed that the teasers are for his new gimmick, on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Live, Bryan Alvarez noted that the WWE Hall of Famer will be returning with his old ‘Rated-R Superstar’ gimmick. He noted that WWE has already made merchandise for the old gimmick.

Alvarez added that he is not sure if the WWE Hall of Famer will be returning as a babyface or as a heel.

“I think they’ve already got Rated-R Superstar merch, so I’m pretty sure he’s returning as the Rated-R Superstar. Now what that means as a babyface [or as] a heel, I don’t know. I don’t think he’s coming back to Judgment Day. Especially because he left Judgment Day, he left because he didn’t want to be involved with anything spooky, but then they haven’t done anything spooky [with Judgment Day].”

We will see what WWE has in plans for Edge

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